At Sego Health we can help with many conditions with a focus on


Stress . Anxiety . Depression . Drug induced stress . Grief . PTSD . Trauma .


Painful periods. PMS . PCOS . Endometriosis . Menopause . Postpartum .


Chemo & Cancer support . ADHD .

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture has been around for more than two thousand years and yet for many it belongs to the realm of magic. Recent technological advances have shown what the ancients knew all along. By inserting a thin needle into a specific point, a cascade of  body’s complex reaction is activated. It sends signal throughout the surrounding nerves, which in turn stimulate specific fibers triggering the release of specific and powerful neuropeptides allowing your body to enter a state of relaxation to foster recovery.

Learn about our treatment options

Whether you need just a few sessions for a top up or a longer treatment plan, we will be working with you to tailor our treatments to suit

Many health conditions are the results of long lasting life habits, traumas or old injuries. It require work, time and energy to restore the lost balance.
At Sego Health we are here to guide and support you into your journey of health.

We also offer home visits, postpartum home visits.

A holistic approach for mind-body wellness based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.