Postpartum Visit


Becoming a Mama for the first time or over again is always a challenging time. As Mums we want to the best for our kids and we often forget that to do so we need to look after our health.

Postpartum is a very important period were the Mum is often depleted and need all her village to recover fully. In many indigenous cultures, special food, care and rituals are implemented. In China, this period is called “Zuo Yue Zi” where the new Mum is being cared after with special soups, herbs, acupuncture and rest. This period can last up to a year.

At Sego Health, Gold Coast we offer postpartum care and home visits to help you recover and live this special time fully.
As it can be doubting to go outside, we visit you in the comfort of your home to allow full relaxation,no stress, no travel time and more time with baby. While you soak your feet in a beautifully crafted foot bath, we will discuss what your needs are. We then process to the acupuncture session and mother moxa warning treatment. We leave you with a replenishing tea that will assist your recovery.

Package includes:
Acupuncture treatment
‘Mother Warming’ moxa treatment
Special postpartum tea
Herbal bath foot spa
Postpartum dietary recommendations pdf

Duration: 1.5 hours